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BLUtag GPS is a single-unit GPS Electronic Monitoring device that provides near real-time data through immediate notifications. This enables supervising agents to respond promptly and appropriately to notifications. The one-piece design ensures secure ankle attachment, requiring no additional equipment for effective offender monitoring.

Includes a disposable strap, a standout feature of the BLUtag GPS device to maintain cleanliness and simplify device upkeep.

24/7 Real-Time Data Access

Supervising agencies have continuous access to real-time data when monitoring offenders with BLUtag GPS. BLUtag® collects one point per minute GPS location, allowing agents to stay informed and promptly respond to any incidents.

Convenient One-Piece Design

BLUtag GPS’s one-piece design eliminates the need for offenders to carry additional equipment. The device remains securely attached to the offender’s ankle at all times and is less prone to damage compared to multi-piece devices.

Industry-Leading Charging Time

With the shortest charging time in the industry, BLUtag GPS’s battery is fully charged in just 60 minutes. Offenders can recharge the battery easily by plugging it into any standard AC outlet, ensuring consistent monitoring.

Streamlined Inventory and Notifications

By using BLUtag GPS, supervising agencies can simplify their on-site inventory with only one electronic monitoring device. Agents receive real-time notifications on tamper and zone violations via fax, email, pager, or text message, and can “ping” the device to determine an offender’s current location through VeriTracks.

BLUtag is a cutting-edge GPS tracking device designed to offer unparalleled location accuracy and nationwide coverage through dual 4G cellular networks. As the most advanced and reliable GPS electronic monitoring device from Securus Monitoring Solutions, it boasts a small, durable design that’s easy to recharge and features the latest tamper detection systems available.

The state-of-the-art GPS receiver ensures exceptional location accuracy, while the device communicates seamlessly with our 24/7/365 Monitoring Solutions Center via VeriTracks, our secure web-based electronic monitoring platform. BLUtag is also designed to integrate effortlessly with our BLUbox and BLUhome RF solutions for effective and efficient enrollee monitoring in home confinement programs.

Additional features and benefits of BLUtag include:

  1. Proprietary anti-jamming and shielding technology for uninterrupted GPS signal reception.
  2. On-board memory for storing GPS locations and event data.
  3. Audio, vibration, and LED alert notifications.
  4. Impressive 50+ hour battery life from a single charge, and 75+ hours when using a mobile charging device.
  5. Customizable reporting alerts such as zone, tamper, and low-battery alerts.
  6. Rugged, injection-molded case with an internal photo-optic sensor for enhanced durability and reliability.

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